Glad you could make it


Welcome to the first post of my second blog (trying to keep it classy). I hope I can keep you entertained for the next couple hundred words or so. At any time your patience is lost, feel free to click here for an even better read.

Week #1 at Mozilla is complete. I’m no fan of drinking from the proverbial fire hose, but the fine folks at Mozilla made it more of a cool flow from the garden hose. Thanks everyone.

My team (go Mobile!) is nothing short of remarkable. Take Stuart Parmenter as an example, the strapping young lad that sits opposite of me. He’s all of 28, Director of Mobile, could code circles around you and a celebrity in his own right! (Watch him in Code Rush at age 17). I’ll review other members of the team as I settle in, but for now please know this: they are some of the brightest and passionate people I’ve been around. It’s a joy to hear them bicker.

As for Mozilla’s browser for mobile devices (codenamed Fennec) — I have a sneaking suspicion its going to change the mobile landscape in a dramatic and highly positive way. Stay tuned for more from us. Much, much, much more.

I’m proud to report that I now have an IRC identity (a small feat for this marketer). Catch me at “loonsterjr“. To be quite honest, I love buzzing in and out of rooms with my Top Gun call sign. Yes, I know, I’m such a maverick. Speaking of mavericks, check out my photos from Alaska (okay, Ryan took them). I love California, but the lower 48 have nothing on this gem. See me behind the scenes capturing photos of Fenster (my Fennec mascot) scale glaciers and catch salmon.



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