MozCamp EU 2009

Mobil_Satellite_finalMy first MozCamp (Prague, Oct 3-4) proved to be both educational and inspiring.

On Friday’s developer day, I spoke about Mozilla’s vision for mobile. It’s pretty simple. For the user: we’re bringing the real Web to users — not some slimmed down “mobile Web.” Users should expect to use the Firefox they know and trust on their mobile device, complete with familiar features like the Awesome Bar, one-touch bookmarking, add-ons, a seamless online experience between the desktop and mobile, and the utmost security and privacy.

For the developer: the modern Web is the platform for developing rich mobile applications. The components of HTML5 give developers’ innovations power, beauty and speed. Or, you could just go with the alternative: choose from one of the many platforms (each with their own SDKs, distribution mechanisms, privacy models)  then “plumb” away supporting, testing and supporting your developments. In my opinion, if you want to reduce risk, increase your innovations and most importantly, gain more reach, then the modern Web is your best friend.

Lastly, I’d like to say howdy and thank you to the many Mozilla community members working on Fennec. I had no idea Fennec will be available in Frisian!

Over and out.

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