Congrats to Yaroslaff Chekunov, winner of the “Firefox Goes Mobile” design challenge!

pocketfoxThe results from the Mozilla Creative Collective’s “Firefox Goes Mobile” design challenge are in, and we’re pleased to announce that the winner is “Pocketfox”, by Yaroslaff Chekunov. As the official emblem of the upcoming mobile version of Firefox, we’ll be using this image as an avatar on social networking sites, on, on t-shirts and more. It makes a great addition to our portfolio of Firefox imagery!

Yaroslaff, who is based in Krasnodar, Russia, cites as his design inspiration, “the Firefox itself, your approach to the web-site execution, and of course my wife who always brings up new ideas.” Be sure to check out his other Mozilla work as well as his general portfolio.

The four runners-up in the challenge were Mauro Henrique de Bulhões Fidelix’s “Hot Navigation”, Emmanuel John Y. Villar’s “One Mask One Family One World”, Joyce Schellekens’ “Firefox All Around the World” and Eric Yeoung’s “MobiFox”. Interestingly, these designers all hail from different countries (Brazil, the Philippines, the Netherlands and Indonesia), which speaks to the incredible diversity of our community. Many thanks to them, and to everyone else who participated, for sharing their time and talents with Mozilla.

Go mobile.

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3 thoughts on “Congrats to Yaroslaff Chekunov, winner of the “Firefox Goes Mobile” design challenge!

  1. I love it! Makes me want a phone case with a tail.

  2. cuz84d

    I understand the significance with pocketfox for Firefox Mobile, but it looks a bit too much pocket and not enough firefox.

  3. how this work i did not understand.

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