Meet Firefox for mobile

Meet members of the Mozilla mobile team as they give you a quick tour of the user interface, features and vision of Firefox for mobile.

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3 thoughts on “Meet Firefox for mobile

  1. DocG

    This sounds amazing. Will it be functional on the iPhone? Or will Apple’s policies restrict your efforts? Any idea on date of arrival.

    Thanks for all your continuing efforts.

  2. David

    Good video, but you guys really need to work on your landing pages for mobile. So I know you guys have a release for the HTC, and a friend got one, so I was trying to find him the install.

    google: firefox mobile – first useful link goes here – which is nearly useless for non developers, I looked under platform and there wasnt anythign about an install.

    Try google again: firefox HTC – nothing usefull

    one more time: fennec beta – All maemo stuff. Clicking on the maemo release page gives 0 info for other platforms.

    well lets modify the URL: Again platforms has nothing and it seems to be a mirror of the other wiki page.

    Finally I scroll all the way down and under test builds I see “Fennec 1.0 Alpha 3 for Windows Mobile” – which once clicked on doesn’t tell you if it is the most current build or not.

    I would suggest you provide a nice landing page like firefox –

    hopefully the ‘download’ link could send you to a page where you would select your phone ( not os? that might be confusing for people) and you could download the newest version.

    And whenever you do a build, link the other platforms, and update your old beta pages saying there is a new beta.

    Anyways I was trying to spread the firefox love and it was a pain in the butt, hence this rant. Please send this on to the right people as I’d love to see firefox mobile succeed.

  3. Great video! I remember seeing it in Prague and wondering when it would be public.

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