Product Shots of Firefox on N900

CNET UK recently reviewed Firefox running on the Nokia N900 (see Firefox Mobile on Nokia N900 hands-on photos: Fire in your trousers).  I liked their  product shots of Firefox in action (who wouldn’t?) and wanted to share some of those shots with you all today.Nice pic of the Firefox start page.  We’ve incorporated a mini animation to help guide first-time users to navigate around the UI.

…A quick slide to the right reveals open tabs in thumbnail view so you can easily see what website you want to select. Tap on the corner of the thumbnail to delete the open tab, or tap on the button below to open a new one.

…A quick slide to the left shows the stowed away controls: bookmarking, back and forward, as well as preferences. Bookmark a page you like with one touch and edit the tag if you’d like.

Next to the new tab button is the WeaveSync button. Tap on that button and WeaveSync synchronizes and delivers your open tabs from your PC.  This is a great example of how you can work away at your desktop, get up and go, pull out your mobile, and have everything waiting for you (browsing history, saved passwords, bookmarks, as well as open tabs) just as you had left it.

By tapping on the Tools button and going to your preferences in Firefox, you can select the add-on button to search and install your favorite add-ons from your mobile device.  You can also manage your search engines here that appear at the bottom of the screen when you’re conducting a search with the Awesome Bar.

Ah yes, the glorious Awesome Bar in action. We know typing is hard so the Awesome Bar helps you get where you’re going in only a few keystrokes. With WeaveSync, the Awesome Bar gets that much more powerful as it recalls your browsing history from both your PC and mobile. See the search engines below so you can narrow your search further. Quick access to Wikipedia gets me one step closer to winning Bar Trivia Night. 😉

Hope you enjoyed the photos…I know I did. I’ll continue to post the latest and greatest screenshots on my Flickr stream:


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