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As you probably know by now, Firefox is the first Web browser to support mobile add-ons. This feature has already proved super handy. Get it? Handy? I’ve been trying a lot of new mobile add-ons — getting sports and news feeds to my phone,  checking out rapid scrolling of a page,  seeing my favorite Web sites sans ads and checking out events in my area with geo guides, to name a few.  Keep the mobile innovations coming because they’re super, super useful for life away from the desktop.

Due to all the great new add-ons being created for mobile, we recently set up categories so they’re more discoverable. Go to the Firefox mobile add-ons page and check them out on the top-left corner of the page.  Add-on developers: please categorize your add-ons, or re-categorize your existing add-ons so that users may find them more easily.

I can’t wait to see what developers will think of next, like add-ons that take advantage of my device’s features, or my love for window shopping, or my obsession for Wes Welker, or my need for speed…oh my!

Happy Customizing,


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2 thoughts on “Mobile Add-on Categories

  1. “Get it? Handy?”
    Buwahahahaha. 🙂

    Welker named first-team All-Pro by AP

    I was born here in New England, but I’ve never been a Patriots fan. I was a Steelers fan until Jacksonville got a team (when I was living there), but I am an overall fan of football and Welker is/was great to watch.
    Of course we probably have different reasons for liking him.

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