Announcing Firefox for Maemo Release Candidate 3!

We’re excited to bring you the third release candidate of Firefox for Maemo!

For our third release candidate, we put a lot of emphasis on improving overall performance: Web pages load significantly faster than RC2. Panning is more responsive and zooming in on Web pages is much faster. The Awesome Bar will now pop up much faster when you tap on it.

Since RC2, we have also recommended a couple more add-ons. Go to the Add-ons Manager to discover and install add-ons directly from your Nokia N900. Along with Weave Sync (that synchronizes your Firefox history, bookmarks, open tabs and saved passwords between your desktop and mobile), you’ll find add-ons that support user productivity and product performance.

One change we’ve made is to disable plugin support for this release.  We have continued to find that the Adobe Flash plugin used on many sites degraded the performance of the browser to the point where it didn’t meet our standards.  If you wish to enable our experimental plugin support, you will be able to manually via about:config, but do so at your own risk.  Some sites like YouTube do work well, and we’re working on a browser add-on that will allow users to choose which sites to enable plugins for.

To download Firefox to your Nokia N900, go to on your N900’s default browser and download. If you’ve already got RC2 installed on your N900, you will be receiving a software update shortly.  If you do not have a Nokia N900 but wish to download Firefox for Maemo to your desktop to test, provide feedback, or build add-ons, please do so. That said, the desktop versions are intended for development purposes only.

RC3 feels swift and responsive while looking slick. I know I’m not supposed to be the most objective reviewer, but I am a mobile user and I keep finding myself saying “Thank God for the Awesome Bar” when I browse.  Opening new tabs, switching to from tab-to-tab, and syncing my open tabs with my desktop Firefox is fast and just one touch away!  I have been really amused and delighted by some of the new add-ons that I’ve tried. They consider both the mobile context and the device capabilities and they really come in handy. Firefox provides a platform for creating great mobile applications by using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, and I am simply ecstatic to see more new innovations.

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9 thoughts on “Announcing Firefox for Maemo Release Candidate 3!

  1. Super release …. much faster!

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  3. fms

    The awesome bar is an abomination. Sorry.

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  6. after using firefox on N900 for 3 months now i feel its a lil bit less than what I’ve expected .. the default browser is still better in many ways.. and A question .. How to set firefox as my default broswer?

  7. The best browser is Firefox
    Thank you for this post

  8. wow.. I miss it..
    firefox really awesome browser..
    I like add-on features of this browser..
    and now firefox runs on Maemo??? I’ve to try it!
    thanks for this great post..

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