Got something to say? Install the Reporter Add-on for Firefox mobile

Hey, did you run into an issue on a website and have something to say about it? Do you have a problem scrolling on a certain site? Or some feedback about the page layout?  Although we hope you didn’t experience these types of issues when using Firefox on your mobile, please let us know so we can help improve your experience.

If you’d like to be able to give us feedback from your Maemo device, install the Reporter for Fennec add-on.  Once installed,  just tap on the website ID icon, then tap on the Website Problem? button to select your issue category and provide live feedback. Check out more info and see some helpful screen shots here. We get your comments right away and guess what? We try to do something about it!

Your feedback is essential — many thanks for contributing your thoughts and experience using mobile Firefox. Additionally, you can ask us questions on the Firefox Support Forum for mobile and we’ll respond as soon as we can. I’ve noticed that many inquiries on the forum pertain to our availability on other mobile platforms like Blackberry and iPhone. Please check out this Platforms and Projects wiki that addresses our current and future availability.  Thanks everyone!

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2 thoughts on “Got something to say? Install the Reporter Add-on for Firefox mobile

  1. Guillermo Quirindongo

    I need flash for blackberry

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