Mobile Add-ons Challenge Winners Announced!

Our second Mobile Add-ons Challenge has come to a close and the winners have been notified. Thanks to everyone who participated and submitted an add-on to the mobile gallery. We received  a bunch of great concepts and innovations — some popular themes are focused around sharing (photos, messages) and user interface optimization (organization of tabs, navigating quickly). The below represent the winning add-ons and are recognized for their compatibility with the mobile device as well as their fulfillment of a need when using a mobile device.

The add-ons team is still working to formally review these add-ons. You’ll find that most of these add-ons are still in an “Experimental” state. If you’d like an early sneak peek of these add-ons on your Nokia N900, select the “Let me install an experimental add-on” button before selecting “Download”.

And the winners are….

Find In Page
The search panel’s magnifier icon is turned into button “Find in page”, which returns the user to the page he/she was on, highlighting all the instances of the keyword (taken from the address bar). You can enter several keywords at once.

Image Exposer
Allows mobile users to view a list of images on a page. From there they can get links directly to images, copy image URLs, save images, or send images to friends.

Low Quality Flash
Sets Flash objects to “Low Quality” to improve performance on slower platforms.

Connect thought Jabber/Gtalk and share webpages and more with your friends.

Cleans up hard-to-read articles on the Web .

Problem reporting system to use with Firefox for mobile devices.

Shareaholic is the easiest way to share interesting webpages using Facebook, Twitter, Email, Gmail, Reader, Bookmarks, Buzz, Evernote,, and more… Works with 100+ services.

Speed Dial for Mobile
Visual bookmarking for mobile phones.

Tabs Utility
Automatically RELOAD of last open tabs, DRAG & DROP of tabs, GROUP tabs by web address and SORT tabs in order of visit.

Where Is My Car
“Where is my car?” will help a Firefox mobile user to find his car.

Thanks to Forum Nokia for providing our winners with new Nokia N900s!

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6 thoughts on “Mobile Add-ons Challenge Winners Announced!

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  2. A reader


    Tabs Utility and Reporter for Fennec are the most useful.

    Low Quality Flash is a good compromise between no Flash (my choice) and Flash slowing down the whole browser (common situation).

    Image Exposer is interesting (I don’t think I would use it often, but sometimes it would be helpful).

    Readability is made thoughtfully to protect user from discomfort of scrolling here and there.

    Where is my car has more abilities than it seems from its name: it can locate whatever you want, car or bicycle; if you walk in unknown town, it can remember location of your hotel so that you could return back to it.

    Speed Dial… For a phone it might be more comfortable than for desktop. I’ll try it out later.

    Shareaholic is not for me: I’m neither a bird-twitterer nor a buzzing bee, and my face isn’t a book.

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  4. hello
    i’m so glad that i saw this website. that topic was so cool. thanks again i bookmarked this page.
    are you planning to post similar news?

  5. Great post! I found your site from Google while searching about mobile addons. I bookmarked this blog and I’ll come back to check update =)

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