Firefox Home, Day One!

Check out Ragavan’s recap of the first day of Firefox Home live in the App Store.

The response to Firefox Home for the iPhone in the first day has been incredible. Thanks to all of your amazing support, we’ve seen Firefox Home be among the top 10 most popular free apps for the iPhone.

We have paid close attention to all of your feedback so far and want to provide an update on what we are working on right now and what’s coming next.

We will quickly address a couple of issues that a small number of our users have reported. If you experience login issues, please visit this support article. If you experience data access issues, try this.

We plan to submit updates to the Apple App Store with fixes as we resolve them and you should see the updates as Apple approves them.

This is the first of many planned updates to Firefox Home. Based on your feedback and the support of our early testers, we will also work to add:

  1. Ability to sync your passwords to Firefox Home
  2. Two-way sync to share data between your desktop and iPhone or iPod Touch
  3. Firefox Home in more languages
  4. Ability to connect to your own custom server

Stay Connected and Get involved!

We want to hear your thoughts, feedback and ideas on Firefox Home.

If you have questions or need support, please visit our Firefox Home support site.

If you have any ideas about how we can make Firefox Home even better, let us know.

We are really excited by the possibilities that Firefox Home creates. Stay tuned for more!

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15 thoughts on “Firefox Home, Day One!

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  7. Harsh

    Will there be an Android version of Firefox Home. Fennec’s too far off in the future.

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  12. I love Firefox. I use it on my Mac and this is a great addition to the iphone..

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  14. The app works great. Thanks a lot.

    Home Phone Comwave

  15. thanks for good post.The app works great. Thanks a lot.

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