Mobile Add-on Developers: Update Your Mobile Add-on to 2.0a1

Alert! Update the max ver of your mobile add-on to 2.0a1

Update Your Add-on to Support 2.0a1
We’re nearing the release of Firefox 2.0 for Android and Nokia N900 alpha. There is huge interest from users who want to try Firefox on their device, but more importantly, these users want to install their favorite add-ons right away.  Please ensure your add-on’s max version is updated to support 2.0a1 by Friday, August 13, so that it’s compatible with our Alpha release build.

NOTE: Firefox 2.0 for mobile devices will move the Electrolysis platform. This means that chrome windows (the main application window) and content windows (web content in browser tabs) will be in separate processes. This impacts application and add-on code in a few ways. See the 2.0 extensions wiki page to learn more.

Early Bird Gets the Worm
We’ve received huge interest around Firefox for Android. If you’ve got a good idea for a mobile add-on, get in early and develop it! We’re keeping our eyes peeled to feature and recommend some game-changing add-ons to our Android and Nokia N900 users as we ramp up to our beta and final release.

Get early exposure by getting your add-on in front of early adopters, get mentioned in our blog posts, appear in our interviews with press, and be mentioned on our Web pages and promotional materials.

Get Help!
We are around and happy to help answer any questions. Find us on IRC #mobile and Mark (mfinkle) can answer your questions. Mark and other developers that can help you are on this channel daily and are there to help. Don’t be a stranger. Lastly, check out this useful Web page to help you develop your add-on for Firefox on mobile devices.

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6 thoughts on “Mobile Add-on Developers: Update Your Mobile Add-on to 2.0a1

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  2. my nokia 97 mini isnt compatabl to use oasisactive website thats why i need to download firefox appariently so i can use phone for the website

  3. very good

  4. Plz.send firefox on my mob.

  5. joe engelbrecht

    Don’t know if this is the right place for this but is firefox available for Blackberry curve 8330? Thanks, joe

  6. Caitlin Looney

    How can I help?

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