Fennec Alpha for Android (2.0 and above) and Nokia N900 Now Live!

Built on the same technology platform as Firefox 4 beta for the desktop, Fennec alpha for Android and Nokia N900 is designed and optimized for browsing on a mobile phone, yet ships with many of your favorite Firefox desktop features like Firefox Sync, Add-ons and the Awesome Bar.

This alpha release brings Fennec to the Android platform, the fastest growing smartphone platform in the world. Try theFennec alpha for mobile on your Android phone (2.0 and above) or Nokia N900 by visiting: Firefox.com/m/alpha.

So what’s new in Fennec alpha for Android and Nokia N900:

More personalized than ever before, Fennec  alpha for Android and Nokia N900 are packed with your favorite features and great improvements. Highlights include:

  • Firefox Sync synchronizes your Firefox history, bookmarks, passwords and tabs between your desktop and mobile
  • Add-ons are available to customize the features, functionality and look of your Fennec
  • Personalized Start page lets you pick up where you left off on your desktop
  • Awesome Screen gets to know you and takes you to your favorite websites with minimal typing
  • Pinch-to-zoom (Android), double-tab, or use the volume rocker (Nokia N900) to zoom in and out
  • Tabbed browsing in thumbnail view lets you easily see and select the site you want
  • Location-Aware Browsing gives you content and info relevant to your location
  • Save to PDF, Find In Page, Forget Password, Send Page and Add Search Engine located in the Site Menu all help you manage your preferences and options for each site you’re on
  • Context Menu lets you Open in New Tab and Share by long tapping and holding a link

The foundation of this release is based on enhanced responsiveness and increased stability, in conjunction with new and improved features that focus on customizing the browser to fit the individual exactly:

Get Up and Go
Shipping with the Firefox Sync feature built-in, Fennec  synchronizes your Firefox history, bookmarks, open tabs, passwords and form data between your desktop and mobile. Just login with your Firefox Sync account info and Fennec gets to know you right away, taking you to your favorite parts of the Web with barely any typing.

Don’t worry about switching to a new phone, or having to type long URLs or passwords again. You can even leave your desktop in a moment’s notice and pick up right where you left off on your mobile phone.

Fennec is the world’s first mobile Web browser to support add-ons; pieces of software that let you change or add features, functionality and the look of your Fennec to fit your browsing lifestyle.  You can search for and install add-ons directly to your Android phone or Nokia N900 from the Add-ons Manager located in your browser tools.

Personalized Start Page
The Start Page gives you a snapshot of your online life while you’ve been away. Pick up where you left off with instant access to your tabs from your other computers, the tabs you had open last time you were browsing on your phone, and get suggestions for useful add-ons. Coming soon: See alerts of recent activity from your email accounts and your favorite social media sites.

Awesome Screen
The Awesome Screen pops up just by tapping on the Awesome Bar (location bar). It gets to know you and instantly brings up a smart list of your favorite history items and bookmarks and lets you easily select a search engine for your desired search. You can also customize your search engine list for maximum efficiency.

Touch Friendly UI
Swipe to the left or right of your screen to access your tabs, browser controls and tools, which are stowed out of the way while you browse the Web. Typing on a phone is hard, that’s why you can bookmark a site with one tap, view tabs as thumbnails to easily see and open the page you want, and use the Awesome Screen to get to where you want to go in just a few a keystrokes.

Do More with Your Web
Tapping the site button (the site’s icon next to the URL or page title) lets you manage your relationship with the site you’re on. Depending on the site, you may see a series of options in the Site Menu or Context Menu:

  • Save to PDF in the Site Menu lets you capture important content, like driving directions or a boarding pass, to view offline
  • Forget Password in the Site Menu tells a website you no longer trust to forget your private data
  • Add Search Engine in the Site Menu lets you  add a new search engine to your Awesome Screen
  • Find in Page lets you quickly find text on a webpage that you’re looking for
  • Share Page in the Site Menu lets you send content to email, Facebook, Twitter and Google Reader
  • Clear Site Preferences Manages other site-specific preferences, including automatic location sharing, storing local data, blocking pop-ups, and opting to never save a password

Context Menu: By tapping and holding a link, a menu will appear that lets you Open Link in New Tab and Share Image to quickly help you get what you need. Add-ons can also extend to the Context Menu, giving developers a great opportunity to create some very useful tools that seemlessly integrate into the user’s experience.

Speed, Security and Responsiveness
Scroll, switch tabs and tap on links while pages are loading. A new function in Firefox mobile, called “electrolysis” allows for Firefox to run many systems at once, reacting much faster to user input. With electrolysis brings increased stability and enhanced performance and responsiveness.
Under the Hood
Firefox is an easy and open development platform to build fast, powerful and beautiful mobile apps and add-ons.

Fennec alpha  provides a platform for creating rich mobile applications. Use the latest Web technologies like HTML5, CSS and JavaScript to innovate faster, more easily and extend your reach. You can build great sites and apps by tapping into the device capabilities of the phone, as well as create game changing add-ons for the first mobile Web browser to support them.

What’s uder the hood:
• The same browser engine as Firefox 4.0 beta for desktop
• Fast JavaScript engine, using Mozilla’s “TraceMonkey” just-in-time compiler
• Leading Web compatibility
• Optimized for ARM processors
• Location-Aware Browsing

HTML5 Technologies:
• Web workers
• Offline storage
• <canvas>
• <svg>
• Native JSON

Try it out and tell us what you think! If you need support, go to Firefox for Mobile Support Articles. Have an idea for Firefox for mobile?, let us know!

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7 thoughts on “Fennec Alpha for Android (2.0 and above) and Nokia N900 Now Live!

  1. Pingback: Fennec Alpha @ Mozilla Firefox Browser for Android & Nokia N900 is now available.

  2. WOW! I didn’t know I wasn’t using the final version of Firefox Mobile… I assume this is a repress of Engadgets post. Well I am goingto point out again that Firefox Mobile has been available for the N900 for months. We are on version 1.1 now! Only the Android edition is on alpha!

  3. 0k, I have to admit that for an alpha this is impressive on my Galaxy S (Bell Canada’s Vibrant). The memory size does have me a bit bugged, it’s five times that of Android’s browser (which doesn’t help that page loading is slow). And text on any page is in a state that is unreadable…

    Outside of that, I am going to say this has to be the most interesting browser that I have seen in the Mobile space. I do enjoy the forethought into tabs, it’s the most enjoyable experience that I have seen with having them at a glance and previewable. Since I have only really glanced at Fennec, I can’t say that I have played with the extentions (that outside of the main page, responce seems slow).

    Still, if things improve nicely… I think that I see some Firefox Mobile in my future (really would it have killed to keep the name Fennec, it was oddly cute).

  4. Tom Chiverton

    Honestly, just tell us if it’s fast enough to bother with, as the previous N900 version was verrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyy slllllllllllllooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww.

  5. Hi Caitlin,
    Trying to download Fennec on my EVO 4G phone (Android). I went to the link above…Firefox.com/mobile/alpha and no luck (dead end).
    Can you help?
    Also have a product question – regarding your mobile initiatives at Mozilla..
    Please email me with an email to get you at



  6. Fine app for android thanks for the tip I am already experimenting in my android and perfect
    a work in very nice.

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