The Firefox Mobile Add-ons Cup has arrived!

Develop a mobile add-on for Firefox and showcase your innovation to millions of mobile users. We’re looking for compatible and innovative add-ons to extend Firefox on the Android and Maemo mobile platforms.

We’re looking for the best example in each of the categories below:

  • Sports/Games
  • Commerce/ Shopping
  • Geolocation
  • Productivity
  • Sharing/Social
  • Novelty/Innovation

We invite developers of all experience levels to participate in creating awesome add-ons for Firefox mobile. You’ll be rewarded with fantastic prizes and tons of exposure between now and January 7, 2011 when the contest wraps. Enter now and start creating your add-on today!

But Wait, There’s More!
We’ve got a serious panel of judges that include industry experts and mobile visionaries that will be judging the submissions and awarding a winner in each category. The prize for each category winner receives:

  • $1000 in cash
  • Android or Maemo phone of your choice
  • Placement on the Firefox for mobile Start Page
  • Showcased in a Featured Add-ons video distributed across Mozilla channels
  • Blog post and Rock your Firefox spotlight

Of the 6 finalists, judges will also choose a Best in Show grand prize winner who will receive the above prizes, plus a full conference pass to Mobile World Congress 2011, plus 4 nights accommodation in Barcelona!

Early Bird Challenge
The Firefox Mobile Add-on Cup is packed full of exposure and prizes for add-on developers, but we have one more. If your add-on is submitted by December 17, we’ll send you a limited edition Firefox 4 Beta shirt!

Check the Cup site for more information, rules and resources to help you get started. Good luck!

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3 thoughts on “

  1. Tom Chiverton

    I’d settle for a FireFox on my N900 that doesn’t moan about Sync versions being wrong every 10 minutes, and runs at at least something approaching the default browsers level.

  2. Rutger Vansant

    I’d settle for a FireFox on my N900 that doesn’t show the need to reinvent the excellent Maemo user interface and create it’s own habitat with virtually useless desktop like tabs and difficult to access task manager button.

    +1 for ergonomics add-on to make this thing integrate with Maemo.

    (apart from that the benefit of having FF Mobile would be up to date engine, the presence of fully configurable ad ons such as no script / adblock /google sharing etc…

  3. Encarma

    Суперский пост! По больше таких надо! 🙂

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