Six New Featured Mobile Add-ons for Firefox!

Congratulations to our Add-ons Cup winners. Our judges had an extremely difficult time choosing from the many fantastic and innovative mobile add-on submissions we received. The following add-ons are the winning selections per category, which are now Featured add-ons and can be found in the Add-ons Manager in Firefox for mobile.

  • Commerce: FinDeal by Almog Ben-kandil – Save both time and money by searching your preferred shopping websites simultaneously, easily and quickly.
  • Games: Page Eaters by Tamas Marki – Defend the web page from the page-eating bugs.
  • Geolocation: Near Me by Sriram Ramani – Search for interesting things relevant to your location.
  • Productivity: Home Links by Enrico Previdi – Customize the links that appear (such as mail client, search engine, news, etc.) when you tap on the home button.
  • Social: Less Spam, Please by Benoit Bailleux – When adding a comment to a blog, for instance, generate a temporary and anonymous email address to prevent usage by unwanted third parties.
  • Novelty: Tapsure by Chris Finke – Input passwords on websites by tapping a rhythm on your touchscreen rather than typing.

Congratulations to Chris Finke. Tapsure also won the title of Best in Show!

Vote for Your Favorite
You’ve heard what the judges had to say, now it’s up to you to decide the People’s Favorite. Vote for your favorite of the six category winners before Friday, January 28.

How to Install Add-ons
1) On your Android or Nokia N900, go to (or the Android Market) and install Firefox 4 Beta.
2) Swipe left, tap on Browser Tools (gear) and go to the Add-ons Manager (puzzle piece).
3) You will see these add-ons featured under Get Add-ons. If you do not see the add-on, you can type in the name of the Add-on directly into the search field.
4) Tap on the add-on you’d like to install and select Add to Firefox.

Thanks again to all of those who took the time to enter the Mobile Add-ons Cup! Now give them a try and remember to vote for your favorite!

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4 thoughts on “Six New Featured Mobile Add-ons for Firefox!

  1. A reader

    FinDeal: Well Done! I’m not interested in commerce, but grouping tabs by topic is a concept, which could be used for other cases.
    I’m not interested in Games, except chess/checkers, something like that.
    Near Me: congratulations, your second win shows that the extension is very useful indeed for those who have abundant Internet on the go.
    Home links author: don’t forget to update Fastest Scroll In the West, it’s a must-have!
    Less Spam, Please: definitely a must-have for those who use temporary addresses (I don’t)
    Tapsure is a welcome addition in the list of various on-screen input methods

    Voting for Tapsure! I’m not surprised that it won the Best in Show; it deserves it for novel thought

  2. Waynder

    i would like addon to be able to use zoom like native browser on n900 has… that swirl thingy…

  3. Mayra

    Hi, are there some news about the votation?
    Can you give us some “exit poll”?

  4. Mayra

    Hi, when you post the winner about the People’s favourite?


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