Keepin’ It Weird in Austin

Day 1 of SXSW Interactive – check. More importantly, Day 1 of the “Firefox Gone Mobile” ice cream truck! Mozillians and Barbarians were out by 3rd & Congress from 7-11pm talking about Firefox 4 for Android, Firefox Home for the iPhone and answering questions. It’s still amazing to me how so many people don’t know we’re a non-profit. When I told folks how Mozilla bases their decisions, or why we build our products, they were blown away! “For the betterment of the Web?” “For the best user experience? Really?” “Principle over profit? Really?” Yes, really!

I’d say the ice cream truck had anywhere between 250-350 visitors last night and each person waiting in line spoke to a Mozillian or a Barbarian and received a piece of swag. The Mozilla-named gourmet ice cream sandwiches were delicious. The Foxy Brown and the Awesome Bar were my favorites and I think the crowd agreed. Even people with ice cream in their hands threw it away and b-lined right to the truck to try ours.

The ice cream truck also probably received around 75 foursquare check-ins. As far as swag goes, the winning item was definitely the real Firefox mobile merit badges — HUGE hit. People wanted them for their kids, wanted to sew them on their hats and backpacks — you name it. (Come to the truck, check-in, and maybe you might get one too!)

We MAY be heading back to the same location tonight. We also MAY be moving to a new location around 9pm. Clue: Pee-Wee Herman might be checking-in on the fun. Follow @mozmobile to get the latest updates on treats and locations.

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