Firefox 4 for Android is Live. Start Your Spark!

Ready to light up the world?

To celebrate Firefox going mobile, we’ve created Spark, a game that lets you share Firefox with friends and help the flame of the open Web glow bright. So get Spark, engage in challenges, unlock badges and support Mozilla’s mission for a better Web in the process. All good stuff!

Quick Tips to Get Started & Earn Your First Badge

  1. Install Firefox 4 on your Android or Maemo device and conveniently access your Spark from your Start page. (iPhones and non-Android mobile devices can go directly to
  2. Tap “Join,” and register by inputting a username, password (at least 8 characters) and email (only used for password recovery)
  3. Boost Your Spark by sharing your location with the global map and proving your “parent,” or the person who shared Spark with you so you can link up and earn more badges!

Once you join, you can interact with your Spark “hologram” on your phone and see it grow as you play the game. The spark itself was developed using Canvas 2D technology. You can also tilt your phone and watch how the Spark moves as it takes advantage of your device’s accelerometer. Great technology, great game! Get Firefox and start you spark!

Never fear Firefox desktop users, check out the global stats and help spread the word by visiting We’ll be tracking sparks, but they do not represent the number of downloads we’ve received — just the number of people supporting Firefox going mobile, so let’s light up the world!

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