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Personas for Mobile Are Here

Your Firefox, your style — anywhere! Personas for mobile have arrived.

Fabrice Desre has been cranking away to make the Personas for mobile add-on great…and it is. It’s now ready for you to install and use. It’s still a new add-on, so please let us know what you think!

By installing the Personas add-on, a Personas button will appear on your Firefox for mobile Start page. Tap the button and choose from the enormous gallery of choices at

I’ve dressed up my Firefox with “Hello Kitty” (because why not???). Enjoy!

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Mobile Add-ons Cup CLOSED

The Mobile Add-ons Cup Challenge has officially come to a close. I had fun today testing and trying out some fantastic entries for the following categories: gaming, social, shopping, productivity, geolocation and novelty. The judges will be busy this week testing add-ons and giving each submission thorough consideration. We will do our best to notify our participants, finalists and the Grand Prize winner by the end of this week, January 14. We’ll be announcing the results the following week.

I am so excited for how Firefox 4 for Android and Maemo is shaping up. The add-ons and and growing gallery of add-ons is fantastic to see and use.  I can’t wait for others to discover and use add-ons that fit their browsing style perfectly! Stay tuned!

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Got something to say? Install the Reporter Add-on for Firefox mobile

Hey, did you run into an issue on a website and have something to say about it? Do you have a problem scrolling on a certain site? Or some feedback about the page layout?  Although we hope you didn’t experience these types of issues when using Firefox on your mobile, please let us know so we can help improve your experience.

If you’d like to be able to give us feedback from your Maemo device, install the Reporter for Fennec add-on.  Once installed,  just tap on the website ID icon, then tap on the Website Problem? button to select your issue category and provide live feedback. Check out more info and see some helpful screen shots here. We get your comments right away and guess what? We try to do something about it!

Your feedback is essential — many thanks for contributing your thoughts and experience using mobile Firefox. Additionally, you can ask us questions on the Firefox Support Forum for mobile and we’ll respond as soon as we can. I’ve noticed that many inquiries on the forum pertain to our availability on other mobile platforms like Blackberry and iPhone. Please check out this Platforms and Projects wiki that addresses our current and future availability.  Thanks everyone!

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Mobile Add-on Challenge, Part Deux

That’s right, we’ve announced our second mobile add-on challenge, starting today, March 11 and ending Monday, April 12.

Add-on developers are challenged to develop a compatible Firefox mobile add-on that shows innovation and considers the mobile context (small screen size, touch screen, out and about, etc.)

At the end of the Challenge period, our panel of judges (consisting of members from the Mobile and Add-ons teams) will select ten winners who will receive a new Nokia N900 in addition to other great mobile merchandise!

The last challenge resulted in many fantastic add-ons. Check out our previous winners’ award-winning add-ons that have been recognized by press around the globe. Despite these awesome innovations, there is much more room to help enhance the look, feel and functionality of Firefox on mobile devices. Here are some themes the Mozilla Mobile team finds especially interesting:

  • Using device APIs: js-ctypes (Fennec 1.0) might be used to hook into the device (addressbook or camera) and add functionality to a Web app by making a pagemod (jetpack- or greasemonkey-like add-on)
    Check out these helpful resources around js-cytypes:
    ctypes on Mobile Developer Center
    blog post using GStreamer js-ctypes
  • Photo, media, social and sharing tools: Create a social aggregator for quickly viewing streams from Twitter, Facebook, etc; Create a tool for sharing images, links and text
  • Saving files and Session Restore: Save as PDF, Save Image, Remember last open tabs, etc.

So what are you waiting for? Develop an add-on for Firefox for a chance to win a new phone, and most importantly, see your innovation used by people around the world on multiple platforms and devices!  See the complete contest details and rules here.

Many thanks to Forum Nokia, Nokia’s Developer portal for supporting this challenge!

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Take Five with HTML5: SVG & Canvas

Ah yes, the wonderful world of HTML5. Check out Arun Ranganathan demoing svg and canvas on the Nokia N900.

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Check out WebGL on Nokia’s N900

Vladimir Vukicevic, principal engineer, Firefox, shows us a couple of WebGL demos on the Nokia N900. Read more about it and check out comments on HACKS.MOZILLA.ORG

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