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Back to Basics


Beer. What a beautiful thing. Cold and refreshing, it’s the perfect friend after a long run.

So when it came time to drink my final wheat based, glutenous beer, I savored and nursed, knowing full well what was on the other side to replenish me. From NGB to New Planet and Omission to Brunehaut, I have covered ground to find my favorite gluten-free beer. And now I will go the distance.


To find my favorite beer, I decided to take matters into my own hands. To develop the best beer — one that stands up against the watered-down, sorghum-heavy, light perfumes out there — I would need to learn to make it myself.

ImageFor my first 5-gallon batch, may I introduce to you “The Mischief.”  This is a gluten free beer developed with extreme sanitary measures combined with golden naked oats, carmelized sugar, honey, Challenger and Northern Explorer hopps, distinct aromas, an iPhone timer and loads of patience.

The Mischief is currently hunkered down in a 70 degree room, settling, sifting and fermenting into my first creation, which I will welcome with a thick slice of gluten-free pizza and an episode of The Wire. Beer, pizza, cable. Back to basics.

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